Dr. Carolina Del Pozo, M.D. PhD, our new Tutor in Simulation for the School of Medicine of Humanitas University, in the interview below talks about her experience and the importance of simulation for students, residents and also physicians.

Simulation Center of Humanitas University provides higher levels of learning thanks to “learn by doing” method. In fact, this method offers a safe envinroment in which students, residents and specialists can make mistakes and learn from them. At Humanitas University Simulation Center you can also reinforce your situation awarness, decision making process, leadership and team working.

Humanitas EDU is the office that provides training courses for doctors, nurses and specialists at the:

  • Simulation Center, composed of 3 high-fidelity simulation rooms and 8 multipurpose rooms
  • Anatomy Lab, entirely set up as a modern surgical room
  • Congress Center, consisting of 3 plenary rooms

All of them are located within the Humanitas University Campus.

Each room is equipped with the most modern equipment useful for the development of educational activities in every medical-surgical field and for the study of anatomy and is also equipped with the most sophisticated audio-video systems and connected with all the others, thus ensuring maximum interactivity between each environment during courses, congresses and trainings.

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