Anatomy Lab

Humanitas University, Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4, 20072 Pieve Emanuele (MI)


The state of the art Anatomy Lab is a space devoted to all professionals in the field of surgery that stems from the need to improve surgical techniques, master new technologies and deepen anatomical knowledge.

Our facility authentically mirrors the hospital setting to provide a realistic environment for participants. lt hosts 8 dissection tables, all fully equipped with surgical power tools and equipment. Furthermore, microscopes and a C-Arm for imaging are also available alongside a camera for live streaming to broadcast the event inside and outside our facilities. A nursing team, trained in real clinical settings, is always onsite to support the surgical activities.

This opportunity, still rare in ltaly, offers the best possible support for surgical training. lt is fundamental to improve our doctors’ surgical maneuvers and their anatomical knowledge and this reality represents the safest way to train people to manage new technologies, techniques and medical devices.

* The fresh frozen human specimens, which come from the US Tissue Banks and are accompanied by a complete set of certificates concerning the clinical history of each donor and all relative blood tests.

Cutting edge education across the spectrum of healthcare

The Humanitas Training Center draws on the experience and creativity of all the experts and tutors who we constantly cooperate with in order to design innovative and applied medical training courses.

Our HU Hybrid course design combines theoretical content via expert-led lectures, practical sessions in the anatomy lab, interactive training with our 3D atlas or our virtual reality skill simulators and participation in real cases thanks to live-surgical streaming projected directly from our operating rooms. All of this enables participants to obtain unique training expertise, reflect proactively on content, apply newly-acquired skills, and receive feedback along the way.

All our events and congresses are also available online. Plan your virtual meetings, display products or technology online, or join discussions and videos live or on-demand.

Data and Statistics

3000 m2 of trainign space
8 fully equiped dissection tables
• More than 100 anatomy labs per year
Partnerships with the leading scientific societies
• Cooperations with more than 80 healthcare proefesisonals
Device testing
Experimental course design


Located right in the historic heart of Europe, this exciting venue is well con­nected to Milan’s main airports and motorways, and a stone’s throw away from one of the most fashionable and exciting city center of Europe.

Malpensa Airport (45 km)
Linate Airport (20 km)
Milan City Center (8 km)