Contrada Cubba SP54 n. 11, 95045 Misterbianco (CT)

Humanitas Oncology Center

For more than 50 years the Humanitas Oncology Center provides outstanding care to patients and their family. It has established itself as a reference point for the diagnosis and treatment in abdominal, gynecological, breast and thyroid cancer care. The Center is an integral part of the National Hospital network of Humanitas hospitals that promotes the sharing of medical knowledge and the advancements in health technologies.

Since joining the Humanitas Hospital Group in 2002, the Centre has seen significant restructuring, which allow the Humanitas Oncology Center to double its capacity in order to provide specialized care to oncological patients by international renowned healthcare professionals and state of the art technology.

The Center regularly organizes screening campaigns in collaboration with the most important scientific bodies of that region, such as the project Save the Skin is a free campaign to detect suspicious moles and lesions, promoted annually by Humanitas Group.

The Center regularly organizes meetings to develop scientific advances in the field of cancerCongresses, as well as refresher and specialized courses.