Simulation Center

Humanitas University, Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4, 20072 Pieve Emanuele (MI)

The Simulation Center offers virtual and augmented reality, 3-D learning, live surgery streaming, and simulation activities of different fidelity levels:

– Low fidelity simulation, task trainers to build specific skills, e.g. cannula or tube insertion, basic CPR skill
– Medium fidelity simulation, laparoscopic simulator boxes, Basic and Advanced Life Support courses, Suturing Skill Table, Airway and Emergency Simulator, etc.
– High fidelity simulation, most realistic experience like the anatomy lab to practice on human specimens, and computer-based mannequins and realistic environments to mimic operating rooms, emergency wards or interventional departments.

The HU Simulation Center offers:

  • 3 high-fidelity and 2 medium-low-fidelity simulation rooms
  • 4 multifunctional rooms for education and/or debriefing
  • 3 control booths
  • 1 physiotherapy lab