Humanitas San Pio X, Via Francesco Nava 31, 20159 Milano (MI)

Humanitas San Pio X

Humanitas San Pio X, a historic Milanese in-patient clinic, is placed in the renowned area of Garibaldi, Gioia and Isola.
The clinic offers 162 NHS accredited hospital beds, 8 operating rooms, 2 delivery suites, and 46 ambulatory and 2 endoscopy rooms, and prides itself on the extent of its highly experienced staff, employing specialists who are renowned leaders in their field.

Clinical care is delivered in a multidisciplinary setting, which span over several clinical disciplines: General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopedics, Plastics, Gynecology and Urology.

The clinic is overseeing more than 1000 birth per year, and offers reliable and trustworthy care to couples seeking maximum privacy, quality and safety throughout the pregnancy and postnatal period. The clinic offers comprehensive packages that cover antenatal and birth care, including preparation exams and advanced diagnostics, medical genetic counseling, a 24 hour emergency midwife service, preterm admissions (from the 34th week), 24 hour epidural support, and a cord blood bank.

In Humanitas San Pio X skin to skin contact and early breast attachment are encouraged. Moreover, the clinic offers a psychological support pathway, the baby movement clinic for neurologically at-risk infants and the Babygreen Clinic of Nutritional advice in pregnancy, including lactation and weaning.

Humanitas San Pio X is an active promoter of lifestyle, prevention and early diagnosis campaigns, with a strong focus on women health.
It periodically promotes and organizes national scientific congresses. The Conference Center of the Hospital is currently undergoing renovation, and once finished, it will have a capacity of 40 seats spread over two conference rooms.