Advanced Pancreatic Surgery

Who We Are
Advanced Hands-On Course in Pancreatic Surgery

Pancreatic surgery is increasingly becoming a specialistic branch of abdominal surgery, requiring specific cultural and technical competences. Whereas many courses and meetings are focused on the complex cultural aspects of pancreatic surgery (indications, intra-operative choices, post-operative management, etc), little attention is paid to technical details and to the execution of surgical procedures as a first surgeon, due to the poor availability of dedicated resources.

The introduction of the minimally invasive approach makes it even more difficult to acquire all the technical competences needed to adequately face this challenging surgery. Consequently, there is a strong need for hands-on courses where participants have the chance to personally perform both open and laparoscopic pancreatic resections under the guidance of an expert pancreatic surgeon, in order to improve their own surgical burden.



What We Do

Our course, held in the well-established Anatomy Lab of Humanitas University and based on the experience of high-volume pancreatic surgeons, is the answer to this need. It is targeted to surgeons interested in pancreatic surgery, who have already gained some experience in this field and wish to improve.

Alessandro Zerbi

O.S. @ Advanced Hands-On Course in Pacreatic Surgery 2023

Outstanding course that improved my results at the operating table

S.G. @ Advanced Hands-On Course in Pacreatic Surgery 2023

I was very impressed by the quality of the facilities and the bodies.
The faculty was very kind and helpful and gave me some hints on surgical procedures that had an impact on my routine practise. Overall, I think that the course was very well organised and I strongly suggest it

P.P. @ Advanced Hands-On Course in Pacreatic Surgery 2023

Very interesting course. Recommended for all colleagues interested in pancreatic surgery