From the experience of Humanitas Research Hospital and the expertise of Humanitas University comes Humanitas EDU: an accelerator of specialized medical education in the service of safe of the patient

Humanitas EDU is Simulation Center. With 3 high-fidelity simulation rooms and thanks to the most advanced simulators and mechanical manikins, it allows the acquisition of skills and expertise in spaces safe and secure without the fear of harming the patient.

Humanitas EDU is Anatomy Lab. Set up like a modern surgical room and equipped with all the tools and equipment for the study of anatomy, thanks to the use of anatomical preparations
offers the opportunity, still rare in Italy, to master new medical techniques and technologies.

Humanitas EDU is Congress Center. A modern facility, audio and video interconnected with all the spaces of Humanitas Research Hospital and Humantias University, and thanks to its
modular can hold up to 500 people: the ideal solution for organizing conferences, exhibitions and business meetings.

Humanitas EDU supports professionals, scientific societies, associations and companies in the creation of specialized training courses: conferences and events supported by simulation advanced, Anatomy Lab and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, thanks to the new online platform My Humanitas EDU, it is possible to supplement one’s training with accreditable virtual courses CME both e-learning and webinars.


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