Who We Are
European School of Surgical Ultrasonography

In liver surgery, the operative decision making and the surgical performance are significantly improved by using the ultrasound.
Therefore an adequate background in ultrasound should be in the armamentarium of any liver surgeon, and for that the educational offer is crucial. For this reason we have thought to establishes courses where surgeons could be introduced to the intraoperative use of ultrasound.


What We Do

Introductory lecture, and live demo with skills feature these short and intense courses with the intent to promote the use of ultrasound during liver surgery by demonstrating its impact on the surgical strategy both by means of a better staging, but moreover by providing otherwise unsuitable technical solutions which have a direct impact in the patients management.
Better understanding of ultrasound and moreover acquisition of the bases for those skills indispensable for optimizing the intraoperative use of ultrasound is the mission of ESSU and IOUS courses, which should allow present and next generation of surgeons to feel the way ultrasound is changing their surgical practice, and to perform safer and more effective surgical procedures.

Guido Torzilli


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A.B. @ ESSU Course 2018
Want to thank for professor G. Torzilli and his team for great experience in liver surgery and IOUS! ESSU and IOUS helped me to understand the new principles of liver surgery in metastatic colorectal cancer patients… Kindly regards!

A.G. @ ESSU Course 2018

It is very important for us and for our Department to thank you for the commitment and quality of the IOUS course. The conveying of your experience and your teaching, even if for a short two-day period, is of the utmost importance to improve our clinical practice and the outcome of our patients.

M.M. @ ESSU Course 2017

It was a wonderful course, people and the food we’re fantastic! It Couldn’t be better!

A.I. @ ESSU Course 2017
The IOUS course is a very well organised and structured course, performing IOUS supervised by the expert is a unique training opportunity. I have to say this the first time I have learned from attending a course. Thank you for the effort you put to pass the knowledge and the skills to us!