Humanitas Cellini,Via Benvenuto Cellini 5,10126 Torino (TO)
Humanitas Gradenigo, Corso Regina Margherita 8, 10153 Torino (TO)
Humanitas Fornaca, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 91, 10128 Torino (TO)

Humanitas in Turin

In Turin there are three Humanitas structures: Humanitas Cellini, Humanitas Gradenigo and the Fornaca Clinic. Humanitas structures in Turin, have always prioritized the constant training of its staff, through internal courses and conferences open to the public and professionals.


Humanitas Cellini

Active since 1903, Humanitas Cellini is a multi-specialized structure accredited with the National Health Service. With 120 beds, it is located in an area of high population density in the center of the main hospital district of Turin.
The ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications attest to the high level of attention towards the constant pursuit of Quality and Health and Safety objectives in the workplace.
Humanitas Cellini has also an outpatient center located 15 km from Turin, the San Luca Medical Center.

Humanitas Cellini periodically promotes courses for General Practitioners and scientific appointments, also for the general public.



Humanitas Gradenigo

Opened in January 1900, Humanitas Gradenigo is a multi-specialized structure accredited with the National Health Service for the outpatient and hospitalization activities that has 184 beds and 500 professionals, including health and administrative staff.
Humanitas Gradenigo is the first Italian hospital to obtain the prestigious ISO 45001 certification, the highest recognition in the field of management systems for health and safety at work.
The hopistal is part of the oncology network of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and in the regional network of emergency-urgency.

Humanitas Gradenigo organizes, internally, numerous residential training courses (open to collaborators and external professionals), training courses and distance learning (FAD) aimed at the constant updating and growth of its health personnel.
Furthermore, the hospital periodically hosts national medical congresses and info-training meetings on different topics ranging from assistance theories to the safe use of medical equipment or to the emergency-urgency area.



Humanitas Fornaca

Since 1948, the Fornaca Clinic has been providing private healthcare in the heart of Turin. Over 500 of the most prestigious specialists work in the Clinic, which offers 6 operating rooms, a digestive endoscopy department, a complex outpatient surgery and a 92-bed hospitalization.
CDF Centro Diagnostico Fornaca will be the new cutting-edge outpatient clinic where to carry out visits, examinations and checkups in an private and comfortable environment.

Fornaca Clinic takes pride on its Scientific Committee born in 1995, which coordinates and supervise cultural activities; it also arranges an annual calendar of conferences focused on current affairs and avant-garde medicine and surgery.