Continuing Medical Education

Humanitas EDU is an official CME provider both with Humanitas University and with Humanitas Research Hospital.
The accreditations are respectively with (Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi sanitari regionali) and with Regione Lombardia. Humanitas University may also accredit european events with EACCME accreditation system.

The accreditation is possible for all kind of events: Residential events (in presence), Virtual events and trainings.



Humanitas University Simulation Center has been recognized by ASPIRE by winning the ASPIRE-to-Excellence Award 2021 in the Simulation category.
The aim of ASPIRE is to promote outstanding performance and excellence in Medicine Schools in terms of their mission and teaching and learning programme, taking into account the challenges and contexts in which a school is operating.


Society for Simulation in Europe SESAM

In 2019 Humanitas University Simulation Center won the SIMCUP 2019.
During the last annual congress of the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM), SIMCUP 2021, the European Simulation Championship for Medical Students, was held. Teams from 7 different European countries – Spain, Turkey, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy and England – participated.
The Italian team was composed by Katerina Negri, Giulia Tarantola, Niccolò Stomeo and Mattia Ferrari who were the best performers in the final simulation scenario. This was a traumatized patient, unconscious, lying on the ladder. So they had to first stabilize the spine, turn him over and place him on the gurney, and only then begin to assess all the different parts of the trauma, according to the ABCDE mental ladder.


Società Italiana di Anestesia Analgesia Rianimazione e Terapia Intensiva SIAARTI

HU Simulation Center has been accreditated by Società Italiana di Anestesia Analgesia Rianimazione e Terapia Intensiva SIAARTI.
Since its foundation in 1934, SIAARTI has been dedicated to the constant strengthening of the union between clinical activity and research to improve guidelines and therapeutic protocols, allowing and facilitating the comparison and discussion among thousands of Anesthesiologist-Rhiners and contributing to growth in the most diverse cultural areas that characterize such a complex, fascinating and responsibility-laden profession.

With the Registry of Simulation Centers offering programs adhering to the specialized needs in the various professional fields of anesthesiology, SIAARTI opens a network of Centers conducting qualified activities in simulation, allowing Members to evaluate the national offer, which is extensive and definitely in the forefront compared to other fields. The goal is to help Reanimating Anesthesiologists identify opportunities to practice both technical and human factor skills for which simulation offers an excellent means of training and learning.


Società Italiana Medicina d’Emergenza-Urgenza SIMEU

Since 2019 Humanitas University Simulation Center has a partnership with Società Italiana Medicina d’Emergenza-Urgenza SIMEU.
SIMEU promotes medical initiatives for training and emergercy and urgency operators to make them increase their skills and their response during critical situations.


Società Italiana di Simulazione in Medicina SIMMED

SIMMED is the Italian Scientific Society for Simulation in Healthcare and it is a society that has the face and the thought of all those who want to contribute to the cultural change of the healthcare system through the use of simulation techniques. Its main goal is to promote cultural initiatives for multi-professional training and innovation in medicine using simulation.
The HU Simulation Center has been recognized as one of top center of excellence in Simulation in Italy and avails itself of the contribution of a member of the board of directors, Eng. Fabio Carfagna, Simulation Specialist and expert in Methodology and Technolgy Development.