Maurizio Cecconi talks with Howard Bauchner, editor in chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), about the importance of being prepared for a surge in COVID19 patients. Data of the first days since the outbreak in Italy show that the high mortality is mainly related to old age, and preexisting comorbidities, with mortality rising to 16,6% in people over the age of 80. He stresses the importance to cooperate with politics, providers, management, and of course – all of the healthcare forefront – to find a united approach to fight the virus. Further, he recommends to get ready, take the infection serious, and work on the protocols.

To protect and support our healthcare staff is most imperative. Data show that many healthcare workers get infected while changing their protective cloth. Strict adherence to guidelines is of elevated importance for the protection of health care workers. A focus on worker protection through specific training and encouragement of adherence to barrier precautions and hygiene recommendations may help provide a priority focus.

He advices to start early with training related to precautions and hygiene recommendations, as well as actual simulation of a COVID19 positive clinical case. You can only win the battle with “containment and mitigation” strategies.

“Stay at home”

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