German Language Lab – Level 3-4 Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate (A2-B1)



6:30 pm
8:30 pm
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  • Duration
    20 h, 10 lessons


*Enrolments will open on 4th September and close on 1st October. No late enrolments can be accepted after the deadline.*

The German Language Lab is an innovative way of virtual teaching and learning with our expert and qualified native speaker teachers. The courses are designed to help you develop all areas of your language skills, enhance your use of language and build on general vocabulary.

This course is for students who already have a working  knowledge of German. During the 10 sessions held entirely in German language you will study both General and Medical German.


The course will be based on the book. Level to be decided once the group is formed.

– Hueber, Menschen im Beruf PFLEGE- A2 (ISBN 978-3194011908)

– Hueber, Schritte International Neu 5 B1.1 (ISBN  978-3193010865)

Lesson 1, 12/10/23
Lesson 2, 19/10/23
Lesson 3, 26/10/23
Lesson 4, 02/11/23
Lesson 5, 09/11/23
Lesson 6, 16/11/23
Lesson 7, 23/11/23
Lesson 8, 30/11/23
Lesson 9, 14/12/23
Lesson 10, 21/12/23

Self-assessment grid

The self-assessment grid illustrates the levels of proficiency described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
It presents 34 scales of listening, reading, spoken interaction, spoken production and writing activities. Check your level!



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  • Erica Natlacen German Mother Tongue Teacher, Humanitas University


Patricia Taylor
Language Unit Coordinator
Humanitas University

This course will be held with Zoom Professional. Before the beginning of the course, the participants will receive the link to access the lessons.


The course is reserved for Humanitas students, residents, PhD students, Alumni and Hunimed staff only.
The courses will take place depending on the number of enrolments, MINIMUM 10 – MAXIMUM 25 and at the discretion of the University.
The fee is only refundable in the event of non-activation of the course.
Payment can only be made by credit card.

Enrolments will open on 4th September and close on 1st October. No late enrolments can be accepted after the deadline.