The new face of Humanitas EDU

The roots of Humanitas EDU date back to 2006. Established as a conference center, we responded to increasing demands for high-quality education and training and extended our congress facilities to include a simulation center and an anatomy lab (both opened in 2017). In 2019, we opened our clinical Skill Lab – the CUBE, which allows residents and young professionals to train and develop practical skills on our clinical simulators 24/7 – to use whenever they have time and for whatever requirements they have. Responding rapidly to the COVID crisis, in 2020, we extended our content offer to include online courses, on-demand tutorials, live webinar, virtual workshops and many more.

To allow an optimal customer experience, we recently combined all four of our training structures (congress center, anatomy lab, simulation center, skill lab) with the other Humanitas training hospitals all around Italy. With this consolidation of expertise, we can now design, manage and offer innovative courses in every discipline. Our hybrid courses combine scientific congresses with realtic case management in the simulation center, live surgery displays with practical training in the anatomy labs, our skill lab with simulation-based language courses etc. etc.

In 2020, we rebranded to reflect this unified Humanitas EDU and to find a venue where we could offer and manage all postgraduate education activities under one umbrella.

We never stop innovating. A team of design and educational consultants continually work with medical experts to design innovative courses, aimed at satisfying different clientele in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare fields.

The proximity to the University Hospital allows us to cooperate very closely with our medical experts to ensure a scientifically based program to train practical skills transferable to the hospital setting.

Moreover, the headquarters of Humanist EDU is within the Humanitas University, enabling us to continuously engage in research and development. Research is important as we continue to look for new ways to improve training and educational opportunities.

Such innovations, will allow us to expand our services, while always keeping the focus on the customer, with the aim to always serve the medical community at our best.